Welcome to Jai Maa Bhagwati Sonanchal P.G. College


Rule and Regulation

1. If Principal and member of regulation governor asking you for your admit card then you have to show your admit card.

2.  Do not make any noise, yelling, whistling, smoking, playing, open the doors, knocking to doors of classrooms and playing in front of classrooms honk in Post Graduation College.

3. Do not paste any Notice board, poster on building of Post graduate college or hostel complex internal or external. Do not paste any poster on building of in election time to write a sort of paste posters, or any task, so building or campus ganged spreads.

4. Do not do hunger strike, Indefinitely Anshan and bunk your classes or do not excited to anyone to do these types of activities.

5. Do not ring the bell of school campus, do Assembly, give speech, take out Julus, Effigy of Idol, violence Without the permission of the Principal.

6. Do not any abuse to employee of post graduate college of principal.

7. Do not damage property of post graduate college otherwise those students have got punished or suspended from college and also they are responsible for damage things and give fine.

Student/students instructions-

1. Periodically provided information for each type of information Board on notice board should take special care.

2. Students are expected will be disciplined, studious and will endeavor to raise the dignity of our PG College.

3. Students to various tasks related to obtain necessary information from professors in charge.

4. According to rules Laws of each student's attendance in classes to graduate must complete.


5. Students in various orphanages in places clear there should take advantage of available reading material.